About Us

  • Dr. Anas Motorsports

    • Dr. Anas Inc. A part of Memories Maker Group. Memories Maker was founded in 2002 with a variety of service activities. In 2010 Dr. Anas Inc starts market studies in motorsports and began our soft activities with exporting different kinds of motorcycles. In 2012 we launched formally our Florida premises with a specific products and services portfolio. Dr. Anas Motorsports sponsored several bike events in Egypt since 2013. Such events were specifically to educate the local market on how quality we are targeting. We start showing the meaning of “Clean Titles”, “Incidents History”, and “High Quality”. We added more services to our portfolio. Boats and yachts shipping services, Vehicles exporting, and spare parts. Those are the most added services. Since we started till now-days, we exported hundreds of motorsports to ME and Europe. We proudly have 100%, satisfied customers. We never had a quality issue in any of our bikes. We stand always behind our customers to support any issue. We never left a client behind. We are considered a Value-Based Organization.


      Our Mission Guarantee delivering high-quality motorsports with any kind of customization in a professional and cost-effective way. We 100% guarantee our products.
  • License

    • Being licensed means being accredited. Since launching and we believe in this concept. This is the only formal way to protect your clients and yourself.

       We are a formal active US corporate holding: US Dealer License, Resale, Business License, Bond, Full insurance,... This is the law.

      "Don't ever take the risk and buy from an unlicensed dealer"

  • CSR

    • In believe of corporate social responsibility. We are proudly the first independent dealership who built a CSR department and making positive activities towards the Egyptian community.

      Our new CSR department launched the biggest safety awareness campaign in Egypt named "RIDE SAFE. RIDE SMART". The campaign was supported by most of the formal riding groups in Egypt and gov. agencies. 

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